Some things I notice about London — blatantly obvious to/known by many

  • People tend much less to care about what other people are doing than in other places I have been/lived. In the tube, fellow travelers are not so much looking around at other people, but they are preoccupied with their own things, friends, colleagues or family.
  • Building on the first point, many of the tube-goers do something when they are traveling, instead of just sitting and waiting for their journey to end, even when they hardly fit in the wagon. Many tend to read one of the two great London newspaper — the Metro or the London Evening Standard. Or they read a book (more often than not in paper form). Or they obsessively stare at their smartphones, tablets, surfing the infinite World Wide Web or playing painfully addictive games like Angry Birds.
  • This tends to be less the case outside of the rush hours. One tends to come across more people staring into nothing or checking people out, but still much less so than in places like Hungary or the Netherlands.
  • Much less people smoke (at least visibly): a pack of Malboro 20s costs 8 pounds.
  • People do not drink less, but places which are packed from 6-9pm are empty after 10pm.
  • Half of the city is suited up, even schoolkids
  • A LOT of people look bloody tired, with these thick bags on their eyes
  • Public transportation, so far, it brilliantly organised. (People always complain about public transportation)
  • I notice that London reminds me of New York, but more European — Duh!
  • The Tesco has better and more deals in the UK than in Hungary.
  • The Tesco, and other food stores for that matter, have a LOT of ready cooked meals, unfortunately for a pretty reasonable price
  • Many people smile.
  • London has many micro neighbourhoods, where one part of a street looks great, continue your walk for two minutes and you are in an area you don’t want to be
  • London is beautifully colourful.
  • Earning (close to) minimum wage (seems to be about 6.20-6.50 GBP), will make your life very difficult.
  • Last but not least, I really like to live in London!

2 thoughts on “Some things I notice about London — blatantly obvious to/known by many

  1. Tibor, thank you for the follow! I really enjoy your blog and your posts about London. I think your point about the transport system here is a really good one. I know there are a lot of complaints about it, but it is a really good transport system, and I am grateful for that fact. You are right, too, on the similarities with New York, and also for noticing that people do smile. And most importantly, London’s colour. Well spotted. Thank you for noticing these things about this city. Looking forward to more of your posts. 🙂 Great job!

    • Appreciate your kind words, thank you! And glad that you
      Judging from your blog, you too are a person aware of what is going on around him. I’ll be following your blog as well. Cheers!

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