How The US Ambassador Cut Egypt Down to Size

How to get Egypt back on track.


A number of you may have already read the speech from the US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, on Egypt’s political and economic woes.

What she said was not particularly surprising or profound – much of it has already been argued by economists, analysts and journalists. But Ambassador Patterson’s speech eloquently and authoritatively wraps up Egypt’s complex issues in a neat package everyone can understand.

It is difficult to find another example of this from an official outside Egypt, including from Patterson herself.

This time, she clearly spelled out what has gone wrong within the Morsi administration and what must change.  Unsurprisingly, that mostly involves addressing economic problems:

The most catastrophic path is for the government and the political leadership of the country – whether in power or in opposition – to avoid decisions, to show no leadership, to ignore the economic situation of the country. 

When management of the…

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