Providing Solutions Through Journalism

A different way of looking at journalism– idealistic but inspiring. The authors believe that the problem with journalism lies not in the lack of good, positive news alone, but rather failing to raise the attention to innovative technologies that could be to the benefit of humanity. Watch the video for the examples.

Mindful Musings

I stumbled across this video while aimlessly browsing the Internet. I thought it showed an interesting perspective on journalism. Although I’ve always struggled with the negative news journalism (especially broadcast) spews, I never considered the need for the media to provide solutions to these issues it makes public. I just yearned for more positive news. Something to make people smile, inspire them and not want to cringe at every word.

But showing more positive news does not dismiss the reality of the negative things going on in the world. The media has great power, which is evident in countries that practice censorship in the media. Those countries are aware of the power journalists possess.

This video was created by a group of students from Brigham Young University’s Ballard Center. Take a look:

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