Italian elections — voters answer the wrong question when voting


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1. Why did Monti come in only fourth in the elections? — His government was actually making progress.

People think short term and prefer the thought of some gains in the short term versus pain in the short term.

Voters make decisions, by answering the wrong questions.

The way I see it, voters read the question “which politician do you believe will get us through the crisis the best“, in the following way: “which politician will promise us the least short term losses“… People’s motivations for answering another question to the one being asked, is that they do not know how to answer the first question intuitively, while they can answer the second question that way — without really analysing the underlying factors that would contribute to answering this question is a well-reasoned manner.

2. But where I get truly lost is how did Berlusconi, currently being prosecuted for a number of things, get  soooo many votes? There is no reasonable answer to that.. (If you have it — let me know). Are many Italians rather see an entertainer than somebody absolutely dedicated to make a difference?

Just think about it. When channel surfing, at any point in time in any country, you will find many more channels showing us an endless amounts of soap series versus actual knowledge/information. The television offers us, what ‘we’ — the majority of the people — want to be offered.

Charlie Rose versus Big Brother.



5 thoughts on “Italian elections — voters answer the wrong question when voting

  1. I ask myself the same question (nº2).
    I can answer nº1: Italians always complain, and since they got so used to lifted-taxes thanks to dear Silvio, they obviously protested when Monti apply some painful measures to save Italy. I truly believe and respect Mario Monti, to me he was exactely what we needed to start the recovery. But since he unveiled so many internal issues within the Parliament, having him around was no convenient to any big coalition. Too bad…

    If interested, this is a comparison I wrote on Berlusconi vs Monti:

    • Thanks for your comments and thoughts Stanito! Apparently, the majority of the people are plainly not willing to accept that ‘tough’ times are ahead. Hopefully Italy will come out of this stalemate…

    • Haha! You’re right — and the last two paragraphs:

      “In numerous trials over the years, Mr Berlusconi has been accused of charges including accounting fraud, perjury, bribery, corruption, having unlawful sex with a minor, and fraud over the sale of film rights.

      “Mr Berlusconi says he is the target of a vendetta by politically biased prosecutors. He has denied all the accusations against him and has either been acquitted or let off under statutes of limitations.”

      True comedy!
      Good luck there! 😉

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