My book on Turkey’s Foreign Policy

My book on Turkey’s foreign policy

Is Turkey a Bridge or a Threat?

Turkey’s Relations with Iran and Relevant Perceptions of Turkey’s changing Foreign Policy

Particularly the last decade has seen Turkey becoming a prominent international actor in the Middle East. It likes to see itself as a conflict-manager and speaks of a zero problem toward neighbours foreign policy. This book attempts to understand Turkey’s foreign policy, and the nature of the Turkish-Iranian relations. The central question of the book is whether Turkey is perceived to be a bridge or a threat by the European Union, the United States and the Arab world, and why. In analysing this question, particular attention is paid to the Turkey-Iran relations, due to the relevance of Iran in Middle East politics. Many factors influence the perspectives of these actors, and they fail to come to a consensus. Throughout the book, the appropriate historical context is provided for the best understanding of all the issues under discussion. This work will greatly extend your knowledge of Turkey’s foreign policy and will give insights as to what the near future will be bringing.

PS: I did not decide on the price 😀


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