Reblog: “Should Europe intervene in our affairs?” – Eva S. Balogh

A very sharp analysis of things which are wrong with Hungarian politics. The article by Eva S. Balogh is about a draft report “on the situation of fundamental rights: standards and practices in Hungary,” by Rui Tavares.
Both the governing Fidesz Party – of course -, and the MSZP (the Hungarian Socialist Party), criticised the report.
By the way, the official statement from the Prime Minister’s office: “The Hungarian Spokesperson emphasised that the Government is currently studying the report’s findings carefully and it is clear that the document is full of factual errors and misinterpretations. The Rapporteur has applied double standards since the disputed measures listed in the report can without exception also be found in other countries, against whom the EU has never acted. ”
If you are interested in Hungary beyond their sausages, cheap beers, and beautiful capital, read Balogh’s blog.

Hungarian Spectrum

I would like to return to the draft report of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) on Hungary. It is a 30-page document that shows a thorough understanding of every aspect of Hungarian politics, relating specifically to constitutional issues. Rui Tavares, who was one of the rapporteurs in charge of the document, seems to be fully conversant with the issues under discussion. It is a very thorough document and recommends tough sanctions. The sanctions mentioned in the document are not monetary. It suggests setting up a strict monitoring regime and calls on sanctions based on Article 7 that would take away Hungary’s voting rights.  Therefore, I found it incomprehensible why MSZP immediately announced that its EU parliamentary members would not sign the document in this form. I understand that people in Brussels who have been working very hard at uncovering illegal legislative actions by…

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