Snippet: Philosophy on Anger

Stress and anger are good at working together. When I am stressed, I get angry and frustrated quicker. Which can then cause more stress.

Today I realised that yesterday, I unconsciously on purpose watched an episode of the 6-part documentary A Guide To Happiness, based on Alain de Botton’s book The Consolations of Philosophy, called Seneca on Anger. The night before I was on a verbal rampage among friends, where I expressed my dissatisfaction for many things in life.

De Botton presents a modern day version of Seneca’s metaphor on how to deal with setbacks – the dog whose leash is tied to a bicycle:

Consider you are that dog. You have two options. Either you just get dragged along or you decide to run after the bicycle. In the latter case you try to make the best of that which you don’t want/like, while in the former you suffer excessively in the same undesirable situation.

What I take from this for myself is that I have to accept that I will ‘waste’ time on a daily basis and every place where I decide to live has bad but also good things. Set ones standards more realistically and do not frustrate yourself about all those things which you had rather seen differently.


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