Fields, a voice recorder and, again, something I didn’t do before

As of late, I getting used to going out for a stroll in the fields close to my home.


One finds a cyclist every now and then, but more abundant are cows and sheep, depending on the time of the year. These are excellent times to push the recorder button and ramble.

Today, I practised my renew adaptation of my 1-minute job search speech, I reflected on some of the articles I’ve read in the last days, and I came up with some key concerns I recognise in the theories and models I’m self-studying about.

Taking the time to speak to yourself aloud is a great way to practice interviews, speeches and formulate well-sounding questions. But what I liked most from this personal discovery, was the ability to be creative. More than once, the second before pressing the ‘record’ button, I did not know what I was going to tell myself.

Every time I feel a word doesn’t fit or come naturally to that I said before, I stop and start again.

Though I’m sure this is what many of us already do, I didn’t. And I suspect that many others don’t it either, even though it could help them structure their thoughts, be better-prepared for monologues and dialogues on topics/in situations they find challenging, and come up with creative ideas.

(Quite uniquely, I did not use any reference materials when writing this)


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