Ankara, Kocatepe Camii

Ankara, Kocatepe Camii

This coming week is off from work in Turkey – it is Bayram, a religious holiday around the Feast of the Sacrifice. Even though I want to work, I won’t get a chance to do so. Thus, I am forced to have good time in Izmir.

As for my arrival to Ankara, last week, I was welcomed with the same hospitality I have always felt in Turkey, but which I am not used to back in Europe. Individualism and consumerism across Europe prevent the friendship and care people have for others here. That is not to say that people in, say, the Netherlands, aren’t hospitable, but friendship seems more developed around interests. Hungary is something in between.

The reason for this could be the sense of community which is much more present in Turkey. People unconsciously do more for their friends, and others. There is also a greater willingness to help random people on the street, even though there is a significant language barrier.

This week will be the time to enjoy the Bayram with my new friends, from Turkey and around the world.


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