Geert Wilders: “Muslims believe that [the Quran] is the word of Allah, written down by Allah himself.”

In June 2013, Geert Wilders, party leader of the far right party in the Netherlands, PVV (Party for Freedom/Freedom Party), in an interview in California said the following:

The majority of the Muslims are friendly and moderate people, who are as concerned as others about a good life, and a good life for their children. Something different is the ideology. Islam is the Quran. This is the basis of the Islam. The Quran is a violent book that cannot be interpreted in a different way than it’s written down. Muslims believe that it’s the word of Allah, written down by Allah himself. And that cannot be changed. As a matter of fact, if you change it, or see it in a different way, the penalty is death because you’re seen as an … apostate. Muhammad is the example for so many Muslims today. Muhammad, if you look at the history, was not a good person to be replicated by young Muslims today. It was a warlord, a terrorist, a paedophile. So I believe that people can be changed, but the ideology, the totalitarian ideology, called Islam, cannot be changed. Islam wants to dominate not only a whole person’s life, but Islam wants to dominate a whole society in the end of the day.

The bolded text, extracted from an interview with Geert Wilders in L.A. in the summer of 2013, is the point under scrutiny.

If Geert Wilders believes that Muslims believe that Quran is written by Allah himself, then he does not know what Muslims believe.

I do not wish to go into a discussion about Islam, but – I have asked to confirm – there is no Muslim who believes that the Quran is written by Allah. The Quran is the word of Allah, as the Prophet Muhammad received it, through revelations, from Allah. Muhammad did not write the Quran, but his disciples did.

The only thing I wanted to pointed out here is that one must carefully listen to politicians and scrutinise what they are saying – especially if the politicians are from the far right and are very vocal (populist), like Geert Wilders.

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