Observation: full dependency by most on social media for remembering birthdays

by Amelia Sauter copyright 2010

by Amelia Sauter copyright 2010

Today it’s my birthday. I deliberately decided to remove my date of birth from my Facebook details a couple of months ago – it’s unnecessary. What is the result? Nobody knows it’s my birthday, except for my parents, brother and girlfriend – compared to last year where I received a couple of dozen messages.

That fact is striking. We have become completely dependent on social media to know the birthday of our friends (and family). Facebook users are informed about the birthday of their ‘Friends’ via the tab on right side of their news feed.

Quite many people value being congratulated on their birthday, and thank people for being so kind to send them a message for something they would surely not have known without Facebook – with exceptions of course. I guess people used to care a bit more in the past, where the reminder of a birthday was made by the people themselves and where thus the value of the message was more genuine.

Social media have a huge impact. In this particular case it, in my personal view, makes people seem more thoughtful than they actually are.

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