Együtt 2014 and the Madách square on election day 2014

Last night, I was awaken by the noise of iron gates in front of my house being moved. I accused some crazy drunkards of being in an aggressive mood. However, when I woke up in the morning – parliamentary election day in Hungary – apparently something else had happened.


Iron gates put aside by party members of Együtt 2014 on the night of 05/04/2014 – 06/04/2014

Együtt 2014 – a coalition of 5 opposition parties, which aim at standing strong against the ruling Fidesz party – was to blame for the noise outside of my house. As it turns out, Együtt had applied for the Madách tér to have their stage at on election day. However, since last Friday the square at the Madách tér had been closed down by the police, iron gates and containers filling up most of the square.

Thus, Gordon Bajnai, PM 2009-2010, and others went to the square to get rid of the iron gates covering the square. The website of the party published an article this morning, 6 April 2014, “Lebontottuk a Madách téri vasfüggönyt” – something like “The iron curtain of the Madách square has been demolished”.

A construction vehicle is placed right in the middle of the square Együtt 2014 applied for having their stage on election day – the Hungarian flag and the flag of the Együtt 2014 are placed on the construction tractor.

Madách square on election day April 2014

Madách square on election day April 2014

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