President Viktor Yanukovich (Ukraine) and President Vladimir Putin (Russia)

Ukraine, Russia and the EU in the context of energy security

This article was first published in the Journal of Turkish Weekly, on December 10, 2013. JTW Interview, USAK Expert Hasan S. Özertem The demonstrations on Kiev’s main squareMaidan have been sparked by President Viktor Yanukovich declaring on November 21 that the Ukraine will suspend the negotiation of an association agreement with the European Union, under economic…

Think Again: European Decline

Think Again: European Decline Great article on the ‘myth’ of the imminence of the decline of EU. The EU is, comparatively speaking, doing OK. Though, internal coherence is necessary – keeping Greece in the EURO zone. 

Knowledge of a foreign language in the EU25, 2006

Speaking other languages gives one a big comparative advantage over others, for instance in terms of labour mobility… As for the image below, the EU might be ‘together’ since 1957, but many of the people are not able to communicate with their fellow Union-citizens, due to language gaps. I have always been a strong advocate…