Euroscepticism: Causes and the need for a solution

In light of the European Parliament elections of 2014 and the expected gains of the far right – who are more inclined towards being eurosceptic than any other group – the motivations for people to favor the political right is analyzed. “What causes people to be eurosceptic?” is the question at hand. Support for the…

Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

Snippet: A WRR report on Dutch foreign policy

A 2011 WRR (Wetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid, translated: Scientific Council for Government Policy) report on reshaping Dutch foreign policy is critical in light of the tendency of Dutch cabinets to pursue an overly active and unrealistic foreign policy. During the Cold War, it was believed that the end of the Soviet era would bring about…

Think Again: European Decline

Think Again: European Decline Great article on the ‘myth’ of the imminence of the decline of EU. The EU is, comparatively speaking, doing OK. Though, internal coherence is necessary – keeping Greece in the EURO zone. 

Interview with USAK expert Ali Bakeer on the Geneva II talks

This interview was originally published on the website of the International Strategic Research Organisation (USAK), in Ankara. Interview: Tibor Hargitai, a visiting researcher at USAK . In light of the international efforts to convene the Geneva II meeting next month – aimed at getting all the political actors in Syria, including opposition elements and the Assad…